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Anyone Need Real iCloud Bypass iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta – iActivation R3 V2.3 is free to activate the activation lock and supports restarting!

iActivation R3 V2.3 is a free tool to bypass activation, Repair battery power consumption, no longer delete baseband, shield update, shield restore!

Support win10 system, support iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta iCloud Bypass

Xuanye Pinguo Tips: Support iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta perfect bypass iCloud activation, support restart, App Store download, Aisi synchronization, does not support phone calls, 4G Internet, message push, ID login.

Features: Repaired battery power consumption, does not delete the baseband, does not need to insert the SIM card, Xuan Ye Pinguo feels the operation is simple.

iCloud Bypass iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta – iActivation R3 V2.3

iActivation R3 V2.3

iTunes Fix – Extraction code: gsm8 

Hello interface instructions

1. To jailbreak iPhone/iPad, you can use checkra1n or use a U disk jailbreak tool (Xuanye Pinguo Tip: It is best to refresh the device to the latest iOS system and then iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta jailbreak)

2. Open the tool and wait for the prompt “iDevice is Connected Please Select Option” below the tool to connect successfully,

3. Select iCloud Bypass Untethered, then click Activate Untethred to start bypassing, wait a few minutes patiently, and wait for the activation to complete.

4. After the activation is completed, it will prompt success! , And restart the phone.

prompt: iOS 14.3-14.4 Beta

If you open the tool and prompt “abnormal error, process processing data exception report” , then the DLL file is missing, and the solution is as follows:

BIGBO33 iCloud Bypass iOS 14.3,14.3.1, 14.3.2 full working calls notification FaceTime imessenger for all GSM checkra1n devices 

[MAC OS] Rocket tool Free Untethered iCloud Carrier Bypass iOS 14.1 – iOS 14.2 ipsw working perfect iPhone 5s to 11 pro Max (without any error) 

1. Download the iTunes Fix file patch package of this article and unzip it.

2. Copy the decompressed iTunesMobileDevice.dll file to

C: \Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\, then restart the computer to solve the problem.

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